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Security cameras Kata Kata Mutiara Margahayuland perumahan

Security cameras Kata Kata Mutiara Margahayuland perumahan


The period around the holidays as it is very vulnerable when you leave your home in a state that is not safe. You at least will not worry if you have vacation time or leave your home for a long time but you do not get confused, the important thing is to always be alert and use the 7 tips to keep your home security below. Security cameras Kata Kata Mutiara Margahayuland perumahan

    Close and lock the windows.

    The door may be the main focus, but the windows also should concern us because thieves usually use a window to get into the house. Do not simply because devices such as air-conditioning coincidence perched at the window the second floor does not mean that the robber lost his mind and keep looking for a way into even though we close and lock all windows, or make sure there is extra security in place if it is possible.

    Talk to neighbors.

    Are you already are disebuah apartment building for years or have just moved into a house, it is important to find out who it belongs around the neighborhood, so you might at least be able to ask for their help to keep your home. Plus, more people in the world often ignore each other. So it makes sense when you talk to the neighbors and socialize.

    Keep your keys in your hand.

    Are you living large home or a studio apartment narrow, kepintu runs until late at night while fumbling through one's pocket or purse is attracting unwanted attention. Home security is more than just keeping people out of the house, but also about keeping safe wherever you are. Do not make this mistake.

    Do not advertise goods.

    Keep your LCD television that are not easily visible and conspicuous to attract the attention of the people out there, use blinds or disguise the state of your house so that the people outside who are not interested do not get to see. If criminals can not accurately see the state of your home, then chances are they will find it hard and think so many times to rob your house.

    Rapihkan around the house.

    Whether it's the rainy season, or the middle of summer, it is important to keep tree limbs away from second floor of the house and to ensure that the bush does not give a chance to robbers who may be trying to make their way into the house.

    Use your home alarm system.

    If you have to invest in extra protection, it is important to take advantage of your home security system. Make sure all your family members know how to set it up.

    Use timers for lights.

    Want you to come home late or on vacation, make your home look pretty crowded and busy as there are lethal and turn on the lights. So it would seem from the outside that you are at home or at least there is someone there who take care of your home.

Try to always keep your home security, with 7 tips to keep your home security.

Do not give a chance to people who intend evil. Crime not only of the intention of the perpetrators, but because of the opportunity

Security cameras Kata Kata Mutiara Margahayuland perumahan


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