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Hp compaq nc6400 Notebook Hardware Review

HP Compaq nc6400 is a 14-inch widescreen business notebook based on Intel dual-core processor is used to take over the nc6230. Instead of competing products of the same level of the ThinkPad Z61t, and is said to ThinkPad T series will launch the appropriate widescreen widescreen seems to enter the HP Compaq Business Notebook NC6100 battery commercial aircraft across the board.


HP Compaq nc6400 is a 14-inch widescreen business notebook based on Intel dual-core processor is used to take over the nc6230. Instead of competing products of the same level of the ThinkPad Z61t, and is said to ThinkPad T series will launch the appropriate widescreen widescreen seems to enter the HP Compaq Business Notebook NC6100 battery commercial aircraft across the board. Today, we by notebookreview website an evaluation of American consumer, to look at this HP’s latest mainstream performance, high-quality business notebook.

The configuration of this notebook:

Windows XP Professional;

Intel Core Duo processor T2300E (1.66GHz)

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 graphics card

14.1 in. WXGA screen (1280 x 800 resolution)

80 GB (5400 rpm) hard drive

1GB 533MHz DDR2 memory (2 DIMM slots)

The DVD + /-RW DL burner

802.11a/b/g wireless and Bluetooth

Because of increased demand for moving him to consider buying a new notebook, used to engage in multi-tasking applications, and requires a lot of storage space and DVD backup feature. Choose the HP Compaq Business Notebook 6710s battery HP nc6400 can be summarized as follows:

Non-glossy screen is brighter than the ThinkPad Z60;

Solid and quiet keyboard;

Dual pointing devices (pointing stick and touchpad);

Dual-core processor;

Only about 2.08Kg weight;

Rugged magnesium-alloy case;

Simple design, there is no household notebook dazzling button.
Purchased by the United States directly from HP notebook, and spent a total of $ 1399 and $ 45 excise tax, laptop issued from Indiana, and the next day to reach the hands of the author, this author also paid $ 16 shipping.

Workmanship and design

This is the HP nc6400 like ThinkPad sturdy, it has a strong screen hinge, and the screen scratch resistance. The interface layout is comfortable, convenient connection. The shell looks very strong, can resist the impact of the unexpected. In order to prevent the screen due to the intimate contact of the HP Compaq Business Notebook NX5100 battery pressure and the keyboard around the screen and keyboard at the bottom of a rubber pad, buffer and protective effect.


This notebook uses 14-inch widescreen offers more viewing area than the 15-inch XGA screen. Clear the screen and highlighted, while providing a non-glossy screen, to eliminate the specular reflection. The author is grateful when you continuously write the documentation of a few hours when you no longer have to from time to time to see that weird hair. Worry about the font is too small, so I did not choose the HP Compaq Business Notebook NX6325 battery high score screen. This screen has no dead pixels, no light leakage, you can also choose a screen filter membrane to prevent in air travel by the person next to spy on the content of their work.


Speakers in the front of the notebook, but are located on the right, and regardless of sound quality, this design so that the sound issued by the orientation of some asymmetry. In general, this positioning of the laptop speakers are small, like the ThinkPad, only mesh a third the size. Better sound quality of this HP Compaq Business Notebook NX6300 battery notebook, at least you can open to the large volume but the sound is less distortion, many commercial speakers in large volume have become intolerable.

Processor and the performance

Because they do not play the game of multitasking to consider the performance of the notebook. In the process of running at the same time the following procedures, the notebook did not even pause and slow down the running HP Compaq Business Notebook NC6300 battery program are as follows:

Download files from my hard drive via FTP;

Download the 1000 level of e-mail through the server;

Open Firefox and Windows window;

Transfer some files through the USB interface of the memory;


Writing two Word documents;

Run a dictionary.

Heat and noise

In general, the overheating will cause the failure of many components inside the notebook, notebook fan left in the bottom of the notebook back-end run-time we can feel the obvious hot air sent from the inside, this goes to show that other parts of the notebook is cool , and the keyboard and wrist rest did not overheat the feeling. Noise side, we can only hear the fan low rotation quiet, this satisfactory.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard of this laptop is very good, full-size keys and a comfortable layout, arranged in a narrow strip of the right side of the home, pg up, pg dn, end four buttons, and the fn key full-size design, in addition to the Windows key is located between fn and Ctrl keys, very comfortable. These key rebound HP Compaq Business Notebook NC6320 battery strongly, and lowercase letters clearly marked.

The touchpad of the notebook is also clear scroll bar, right. In addition there are two buttons for the TrackPoint design, but with the touchpad buttons smaller. Compared with other large-screen notebook, small notebook wrist rest, so that comfort decreased. However, due to the dual-pointing devices, we can switch freely between the touchpad and is very convenient.


This notebook uses the Intel Pro 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN, and with two antennas. Author many times this summer to stay at home and capture the signal of the router, even if the same is true in the basement.


This notebook battery life under normal brightness and reached 2 hours 45 minutes, but if you do not mind the dark screen, you can use these batteries up to adhere to the time of four hours.

Operating system and software

Notebook pre-installed XP Professional, and did not come with a lot of CD-ROM. Software, including the driver, are required to install by extracting, which also includes the InterVideo Win DVD, and Sonic DVD maker software (If you want to install Nero, to ensure that installed before installing the HP Compaq Business Notebook NX6140 battery other factory software, otherwise it is not the installation was successful)

In addition, although the author has no excessive use of HP’s security tools, but it is certain the interface do not have a Thinkpad so friendly. the nc6400 landing has the fingerprint identification, passwords, identify several links, which is prepared for multi-user to use a computer security measures.


The HP Compaq Business Notebook NC6400 battery is a good notebook, providing excellent performance. Very clear, this is a tool, not a toy. If you want to choose a gaming notebook, or consider a high-performance graphics card is the more necessary, perhaps better AMD processors. But if you need to handle multiple tasks, occasional multimedia applications, this notebook is very suitable. And after a few weeks, more configuration will be able to choose, such as a larger hard drive and so on.


Excellent build quality and price

Good performance

Standard 3 year warranty

Non-glossy screen

Solid keyboard and key-bit design

The speakers sound good

No extra pre-installed software

Lighter weight


Non-symmetrical speaker layout

Can not customize the configuration

Smaller touchpad buttons

Space smaller wrist

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